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Visit AMS Truck and Trailer Repair in Ogden, UT if you notice any performance issues with your vehicle’s automatic or manual transmission. The clutch in your manual transmission connects the vehicle’s engine to the transmission. When you press the pedal, this disengages the engine and transmission, allowing you to shift gears. Be on the lookout for grinding sounds when shifting gears, strange smells, transmission slippage, and a sticky clutch pedal. These are common signs that your manual transmission may need a clutch replacement. Whether you’re driving a manual or an automatic transmission vehicle, our experts will make sure you enjoy the smoothest acceleration and deceleration.

Clutch repairs and clutch replacements may be necessary after many miles of wear-and-tear on the road. AMS Truck & Trailer Repair has a team of ASE Certified technicians that can perform any clutch replacement or torque converter repair service. There are several common performance issues that your vehicle’s automatic transmission will exhibit when it’s time for a clutch replacement. In automatics, the clutch has been replaced by the torque converter system’s many synchronized parts. The torque converter is where the engine and the transmission meet. Some of the signs that the torque converter is going bad are overheating, transmission fluid leaks, stalling, strange smells, and more. Our team of clutch repair and replacement specialists use the best quality parts–clutch disks, flywheels, pressure plates, etc.–for any part clutch part replacement service.

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Our team can show you the best practices to improve clutch performance and increase longevity. We can fix any clutch repair needs you’re facing today, and help you avoid tomorrow’s as well. If your vehicle’s clutch is starting to slip, bring it to our facility to prevent further damage and dangerous road travel. The sooner you bring your vehicle to us, the sooner we can return you to safe and confident road travel. Clutch pedals that are not releasing properly–or “sticking”–every time you shift gears should be diagnosed by our techs asap. Your road travel should always be smooth with seamless transitions into higher and lower gears. Many drivers prefer the ease in which automatic transmissions seem to do this. However, your automatic vehicle’s torque converter can also malfunction, and you should be just as attentive to the warning signs and proactive.

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The differences between a manual transmission and an automatic transmission are obvious. How to switch into another gear appropriately needs to be taught with a manual transmission. And that all starts with learning how to handle the vehicle’s clutch. We’ll make sure you maintain a durable and reliable clutch system with exceptional clutch repair and maintenance services. AMS Truck and Trailer Repair is here to prevent costly repairs down the road or an unexpected breakdown. Trust us to give you a quick, thorough, and accurate clutch diagnosis and clutch replacement service. Give us a call today at 801-452-8702 to schedule your next clutch replacement appointment. Save time by scheduling right now using our convenient online scheduling system. Next time you’re in the area, stop by to meet our clutch replacement experts. We specialize in truck and trailer services to correct clutch slippage, worn clutches, clutch sticking, and much more!