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Your goal is not only to make money, but also to carry loads safely. A fully operational truck enables you to ship cargo and move loads, but even the strongest fleet of trucks on the road can’t make money without a properly functioning trailer. One of AMS Truck and Trailer’s many specialties is trailer repair – in fact, we’re widely known as northern Utah’s trailer repair experts! Your trailer is designed to transport valuable cargo, and over time trailers can become far less sturdy and secure. We know your livelihood is on the line, and our goal is to return the state of your truck to a safe transport vehicle. With a newly serviced or repaired trailer, we’ll get you back on the road at a fair price. The AMS Truck and Trailer Repair team is here to keep you as productive as possible by providing the expert trailer repairs you need!

Our state of the art facility in Ogden, UT performs the quality trailer repair and maintenance services that keep your trucking fleet on the road. Trailers are easily weathered by the elements, time and many miles on the road. You should always have your trailer regularly inspected and serviced to make sure your cargo stays safe and secure. AMS Truck and Trailer Repair also provides the expert hitch services to make sure your shipping and transport trucks are properly equipped. Without a properly functioning trailer, your truck is of almost no use! We’ll save you time and money by providing the trailer repair services that keep you on the road and on time. For the safety of everyone on the road, your trailer should be regularly serviced before anything goes wrong. Whatever your trailer requires, we are fully tooled and trained to perform any of the services you need in one convenient location.

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Have you noticed any excessive wear and tear in your trailer? Bring it to AMS Truck and Trailer to make sure you never lose or damage any cargo. As your go-to trailer repair facility, we ensure that everything inside your trailer stays properly protected. Give us a call today at 801-452-8702 to inquire about your trailer repair or maintenance services, and our team will make sure your trailer is as good as new. Your trailer is crucial to your productivity and the protection of your property, so don’t trust its repairs to just anyone! We’re the trusted trailer repair experts and we’re always on call for any of your questions or concerns regarding your vehicle. We make getting service easy – you can also fill out our online contact form, or just walk-in to our Ogden repair facility. Our team looks forward to serving you!