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Premium tires are the beginning of any commercial vehicle’s optimum performance. Tires that grip the concrete and keep you stable around every bend and turn are most important. When your vehicle receives the proper tire service, you enhance your drive in a number of ways. You can stop, start, and slow down safely when riding on the best quality tires. Vehicles handle as well as they were designed to when we install our commercial tires. AMS Truck and Trailer Repair technicians perform efficient tire maintenance services like tire pressure checks, tire balancing, and tire rotations. Allowing us to develop your maintenance plan for these services will ensure you get the most use out of your commercial tires. After helping you find the best tire for your vehicle, we’ll install and maintain your tire with quality tire services. Improper tire pressure can lead to inefficient fuel mileage. Not only do we offer the best brands of commercial tires, but we make sure you get the most efficient use out of them. Timely tire rotations should be performed to make sure your tire tread is wearing evenly.

Complete Commercial Tire Care and Repair

Drivers often overlook their commercial tire maintenance until it’s too late. Your vehicle’s tire tread may not be obvious until you are in inclement weather. That’s not the time you want to have difficulty starting, stopping, or slowing down. Tires that do not have proper traction are a danger to you, your passengers, and other drivers on the road. Our team will monitor the condition of your tires with every visit to our shop for repairs or maintenance. Neglecting your tires’ pressure can lead to inefficient fuel economy and unbalanced tire wear. Both overinflation and underinflation have a negative impact on your tire’s tread, just causing them to wear faster in different sections. Even with an experienced eye, it can be difficult to tell if your tire has the proper pressure without an appropriate pressure gauge. You can trust us to use only the best tools and equipment for all of your truck services. Quality commercial tire services are a part of our total care plan, and our goal is to make sure you maintain safe handling and cornering stability.

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Our team is here to take you from inquiry to installation and beyond. Your complete commercial tire care shop is AMS Truck and Trailer Repair in Ogden, UT. Our friendly staff is ready to serve you with this area’s best tire inventory and expertise. You will experience next level customer service and attention whenever you come to our facility. For all of your commercial tire needs come to AMS Truck and Trailer Repair, and we can quickly have you back on the road with a fresh set of tires!